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Help with formatting text in symbols

Hello, I need some help with formatting text in a symbol for this website Hannah Kaminski - Nutrition

I have created a symbol for the testimonials, and overrode the text in some areas. The issue I am facing is when in mobile view, the text I have inserted to override is not formatting consistently with the other items. I have no option to edit this.

This issue can be seen on mobile view, on the Nutrition page on the first and fourth testimonial slider.

Thank you.

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]
([how to access public share link][2])

Webflow - Hannah Kaminski

HI @studio25_jackie and welcome it is a common practice to share “read only” link to get most valuable and accurate answer when others can see your code. I have found another problem with your slider section on mobile but also on large screen where slider is over element underneath.

This is because your section-28 has fixed height 700px. If you make it auto all will sit back to its position. I will start there.

Hi @Stan thank you for catching that and being patient with me while I learn! Much appreciated. I was able to fix the error mentioned above. Just the text is still not working.


Read Only Link: Webflow - Hannah Kaminski

hi @studio25_jackie here where your problem you have asked for is.

and here is how to solve it.

but I can see another issues you will have to deal with.
good luck and happy no-coding :wink:

Thank you so much for your help! Though it may not have answered my original question it was very helpful regardless. Thank you for combing through my frankenstein of a website!

Hi @studio25_jackie sorry I’ve missed word “testimonials”, I have them finally found in sliders :wink:

There is more structure problems in testimonial element that should be fixed. I will do short video how to fix it later today, but wouldn’t be just easier to hire a developer who will create website for you to save your time?

EDIT: I’m sorry but this will be not for short video as it took me about an hour to fix it on all viewports. If you will be still interested how to fix it we can have zoom call to explain it in detail.

here is preview of testimonial aligning

No problem! Oh my goodness, you did not have to do all that, but I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately hiring this out is financially not an option. I can get on a call if you would like to explain, but I hope you do not feel obligated to do so. This has already taken much of your time.

If the testimonial slider is the cause of many of these issues, perhaps it is better for me to clone a testimonial template and customize it.

hi @studio25_jackie it is not only testimonial slider. I have found that this site was done for you by JW Studio and you have probably start manipulating her design.

I will recommend to contact her to help you to fix what you have done. Hire developers to create website for business have same reason as hire you as trainer to help with vitality and overall health. Think about that. :wink: