HELP with Form and a very simple js code embedd, I'll Pay

Hi! I’m looking for a experienced webflow coder who can help me (I’ll pay) with these two things.

  1. My company offers workshops on different days and with different teachers… my intention is to have a form where
  • the user can choose a date for a workshop and from there
  • select a workshop and then
  • select a teacher

I think that usign CMS would be the option to achive this (dynamic selection).

  1. JS EMBED In the same form the user will be able to select the number of people who will assit to the workshop.
    So for example, if he chooses 5 people and the cost per person is $40 I would need a very simple js script to make the
    multiplication to get the result of $200. I would need you to place this embed code in the form

Overall I think is not very complicated so If you can help me, please drop me an email for more details