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Help with Focus Template

Hi everyone, I’ve gotten a few requests for help with the Focus Template which I put up for cloning, the site can be found here and the clone link here.

The site uses 5 panels which are reached by clicking on buttons which bring them into view, I used absolute positioned screens and transforms of 100% in whatever direction to move the screens around the central one and then set the body to overflow:hidden.


  1. In the navigator panel the order of the screens is::

  2. Select the screen you wan to edit and go to the style panel

  3. At the bottom of the style panel is the transforms section - click the eye icon to reverse the transform

  4. Edit the page

  5. Just click the eye icon again to put it all back in place!


Hey! can you do one for your Four Template? I cant seem to edit the icon’s seperate popup screens!