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Help with Exporting Code to Shopify

Hi! I have a Shopify site already built but I made a page in Webflow that I just want to integrate on a page in my existing template. Shopify requires liquid code and I’m having difficulties with how to get the same look as I see it in webflow. I have added all the files into my assets but none of the images work and the design is totally inaccurate. Please help Thanks! :smile:
This is how I’d like it to look

But this is what I’m getting

Hey @JBB

I am a Shopify Development Partner. If you are still having trouble I can help you out but it would be easier to work on the Shopify platform since that’s where the trouble is.

If you want we can discuss this in a private message.



Hey Alex thanks for your response I’d love your assistance! How do I go about sending you a private message?

I sent you a PM and for future reference you can message anyone directly by clicking on their picture and then clicking message.


Nice, good info to know Alex. I have a shopify store I manage for someone. Haven’t transitioned anything over to it yet but have been playing with a modal-doorway option here because the customers to that site either go one way or another, no exceptions, so they land on their custom search engine. Shopify is a breeze, try to implement anything 21st century in a network solutions store… it’s a bitch. To think they were cutting edge once. Shopify rocks!

good luck @JBB If you dont mind updating this with the results or differences, I am interested in seeing it.

Hey @jagsweb

I just created a show and tell post with the results.


Alex is the best! So fortunate to have his assistance. Super attentive, knowledgeable, and responsive. Thanks again!

Looks nice. It should suit the target audience well
@JBB how long have you had the shopify site? Is it doing well for you?

Hey jags! I’ve been with Shopify since November it’s ok a lot to learn and figure out. One of my biggest issues with most eCommerce sites is the difficulty/time importing previous products from sites I had previously hosted with. Crazy that with all the amazing features and apps out there I’m surprised no one has really found a fluid solution kinda ridiculous, maybe there is and I don’t know. Shopify’s customer service is very limited and they offer little help or resolution in app services and any coding questions. What’s really incredible is that I could find help here in the forum, I usually rarely have little hope sometimes in finding genuine honest people and never expected to find someone who completely has changed my outlook! I am so happy with the webflow community and can’t wait to switch over as soon as ecommerce becomes possible!


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