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Help with Dynamic Redirect URL and Dynamic Action with POST method

Hey guys. I would really appreciate some help on an issue I’m having regarding dynamic form content. I feel like I’m super close to a solution!

Currently, my HTML embed form (copied and pasted from the inspector of an actual Webflow form) is set up with both a dynamic redirect and action. The redirect works great, but only when the dynamic action isn’t also plugged in. This is the primary thing I would like to diagnose. When the dynamic action URL is plugged in the form seems to submit, but then refreshes the page and puts all form submission data into the address bar:

So why is it that the dynamic redirect is working upon form submission when the action URL IS NOT specified, but is not working when the dynamic action IS specified?


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 9.43.50 AM.png753x198 26.3 KB

The only page on the share link that will really need to be looked at for this is the dynamic Guides Template page.

Thanks in advance if you are able to help!

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When you post to the third-party URL,

the third party script redirects back to your page

seems like there are some error messages returned from that external form handler - I’d check with that developer.

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Oh I see! Thanks so much for the reply. So the setup looks alright you think? Also, why does the Request Method say Get in the bottom image you attached? Shouldn’t it be POST as well?

Thanks @samliew!

That’s where the server is telling the user’s browser to redirect to (back to the form with the form values in the URL), probably because the server expected something else and wasn’t able to get it.

Okay. So do you think that the issue is on the Pardot (3rd party) side and not the Webflow side? I just don’t know enough about how forms are handled to know if there’s a deeper webflow server side issue that would make this more difficult to set up than what I’ve done dynamically in my custom embed so far.