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Help with DIV layouts using MixItUp plugin

Hi guys

I wondered if someone could give me a quick hand with DIV layout?

I’m currently building a filterable work samples page for a client. Here are the links:

Live Link:
Public Share Link:

I’m using the MixItUp plugin which means I have to add parent DIVs to each entry. This isn’t a huge problem as long as I keep the text in each box the same, but as soon as I change the text length or add/remove an element, it’s pushing the box down & making everything out of line. You can see this in the live link.

I’m sure its something i’ve missed in positioning but it’s driving me crazy! Can anyone help?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve uses mixitup before. Give each div a min height value equal to something slightly greater than the tallest div. I would probably set the width and height so that I knew it would look like I wanted it to.

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