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Help with creating a bundle product - with multi-item selection

Hi guys, Hope all are well.

Sorry if, i’ve set this post up wrong - let me know and i’ll make necessary changes - still getting used to the forum rules!

That being said, here’s the problem at hand.

  • My client sells bundled products - there are 4 bundle products - in each bundle the total amount of items scales up. Example - Sml - 6, Med - 10, Lrg - 13, X-lrg - 18.

  • The items in each bundle are to be selected by the customer, as well as having the option to select a double quantity for some items.

Im wondering if anyone has any advice on how this could be done, here are my initial questions/ thoughts -

  1. Is it possible to combine a form with a radio or check list component into a product, which then shows the items selected for that bundle as a fixed product collection?

  2. Or as a work around, can you adjust the minimum limit of products that can be placed in a basket?

    • This way each item can be added to the cart until the minimum quantity requirement of that bundle is reached.
    • However, how would I then make this minimum limit change dependant on which bundle is selected?
  3. Are there any plugins that could achieve this? Im aware shopify does a bundle product app, but again not sure how this would work in webflow - or even if its integratable.

It’d be great if any advice/ help could be given. I’d like to create this set up as a cloneable if it works out.
As it could be handy for anyone who needs to achieve a bundle product structure - until the e-commerce platform has features like these built in.

Any advice/ help would be great!
Have a great day!


Here’s a project I started trying to work out how it could be possible. Not sure if it’ll be of any use.

Here is my public share link:

Hey Jahren,

Did you ever manage to figure this out? Trying to do the same thing but no luck…

UPDATE: got it to work!

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I am currently working on it using foxy.oi - their integration allows for parent and child product bundling. Currently working it out with them.

What solution did you find? would be interesting to compare…


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Hi Thibault. Could you explain how it worked? thank you

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