Help with Collections | Insights please

Hi everyone, hope you are doing very well.

I’m building a site for a client. It’s basically a Kickstarter kind of thing where people can donate to different projects. User can choose between different fixed amounts ($10, $25, $60, $100) to donate. And depending the amount you get a different gift (local art, souvenirs, etc) from the project you donated.

Thing is I’m a bit lost on how should I manage collections/products.

Should I build everything on Products?

E.g. Product 1:

Project Name: Help John Doe Raise $1000;
Story: John doe needs … bla bla
Product Variants:
* $10 - thank you card
* $25 - local souvenir
* $60 - local painting
* $100 - 1 night hotel stay

This way when someone donate my client will know which project has the user donated and the amount. Right?

If not I thought of building a Collection with all projects and then build just 4 Products:

  • $10 donation
  • $25 donation
  • $60 donation
  • $100 donation

This would be much easier BUT how can my client know that the $10 donation goes for X Project and not Y Project…

Seriously, I’d really really appreciate any insights here!! Thanks a lot amazing Webflow community.

Cheers, Marcos

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