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Help with Checkout page

Hello everyone, I’m making a website for a production studio that rents out there space and equipment at their location.
What I want is for the customer to select the space equipment or programs ect, then at the checkout page not pay and just send just an order form to the connected email.
Is this possible?
I’m having trouble figuring out how to create this.
Can anyone help me?

Only way to do that is with 0 price. Can only be done with Stripe, PayPal do not support 0 price

So i would have to make every one of my products 0$?
But then how would they be able to see prices and stuff like that?

Thank you for the assistance

There is another trick, you can create a discount code with 100% discount. Then you will have the correct prices. You can name the code preorder or something similar

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it’s interesting.
Thank you so much
I will speak to the client and run the ideas by him