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Help with changing text

We’re using this template:

As you can see, the main header says: We build Rotating Word 1, 2, 3, 4 that users Rotating Word 5, 6, 7, 8

I know that to change text on Webflow, you just double-click the text. However, since there’s 4 words in one “area” (that rotate)… I can’t figure out how to edit the words behind the 1st word.
Every time I click on H1 Large (2) for example…it just goes back to H1 Large (1).

In other words: How can I change H1 Large (2), H1 Large (3), H1 Large (4)?

I’ve included a picture of what I see.

Select one and go to the Effects panel, and try to turn the visibility of all the transforms to OFF (eye toggle icon)

You may also have to turn their visibility ON width Display, if they’re passed to None. But basically they’re masked using one or a combination of Display, Opacity and Transforms.

What you can also do is to delete their class + combo class just the time to edit them, then reapply the classes and combos. May be the quickest solution.

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Thanks @vincent

You were right, I had to click the Visibility (Eye Icon) off on each H1 to see what it contained. It was under “Rotate”.