Help with change text color animation in Rich Text

Hello Good morning, Im trying to make a Change text color animation for the paragraph inside a Rich Text so will work in the CMS blog.
But I don’t know why the paragraph class don’t work. Everything else work but the paragraph inside Rich Text don’t.
Anyone know what is the problem (maybe is obvious but I cant find ir…)

CleanShot 2023-03-31 at 01.52.28

Here is my public share link:
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Hmmm :thinking: that’s interesting. I don’t have direct experience solving exactly this with interactions (it simply may not work with them), maybe someone else does, but here’s what I think could be going on.

When you have a RichText element within a CMS, you have to create a “shadow” RichText element to manipulate the styles within it.

Meaning, you have to create a second RichText element that is not bound to the CMS and give both the bound and unbound RichText elements the same class name.

Now you can change styling of any element within the unbound, shadowed RichText and they’ll be reflected within your bound RichText.

I’m wondering if you need to do that, and bind your interaction to that shadow RichText element (the unbound one).

Would love to hear the results!