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Help with centering icons

Having trouble getting my icons to center. They are that bottom of my homepage under Skiiiilz… I did it once before but forget what I did.


Here is my public share link:
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What I usually do to get my icons centered is put them inside a Div Box that has the text put on Centered and I then insert the Image box where my icon is going to be the image. Hope this solves your problem and helps. :grinning:

Hi! So, I think that’s what I did but it is still not working…

Can you send a screenshot of what icon you are talking about? I couldn’t find a “Skiiiilz” Section.

The icon is in a container so you could just move it to the right by px and it will stay the same on all computer screens if you need this site up and running by today. I don’t really have time right now to look into it [Premeir League is playing] though have vacation all week from school this week so will definitely look into it maybe later in the night or tomorrow. Hope you understand :grinning:. Once again, if you need the site up and running by today just move the icons to the right by px.

Cool beans I can wait till tomorrow. Thank you so much for looking into it for me. Enjoy the matches :soccer:

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Hello, I found out the problem was that you did not put the Image icon to the Inline Block format but rather the Block format, you can see what to change in the image below…:smiley:

Ahh thank you!!! Solved the problem perfectly.

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