Help with centering a modal and having no overflow while scrolling

Here is my site Read-Only:

And link on web:

When pushing hte blue button on the front page where it stands “Watch Video” the video is not alligned with the center.

And in UX while scrolling there is a lot of extra space in the right side, i wish to get it removed - don’t know what element is exspanding the width

You can center that video element by clicking the “center element” position button. See attached.

Not entirely sure what you mean about the extra space. If you’re just wanting your content to spread farther across the browser altogether, change element like “wrap 3” to be 100% rather than 80%. Avoid using containers altogether. Instead, drag in a regular div and give it a max of 1200 or something and use the “center element” display I mention above. Drop all content in there. (ideally you’ll use this style consistently throughout the site)

Thank you so so much you just saved my project ;-*

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