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Help with button style

I am displaying a button to send an email with a predefined subject and body on a collection page using the following HTML embed:


This works OK, but I want to use a button style from my project named MWSmallB. I am not an experienced Javascript programmer, so I need some help with this.


The full HTML is

{{wf {“path”:“email”,“type”:“Email”} }}

Hi @mwulfe,

This should be relatively simple without using any HTML.

You can simply duplicate your button of choice and give it a new class - eg"MWSmallB-Mail".

Now just select the mail option for your button and fill it in as needed. Screenshot below


Hope that helps.


That only allows me to specify the To option, not the subject or the body of the email.

Wait, does that include a subject option?

I completely missed the option to include the subject! Is there any way to include the body text for the body as well?

Unfortunately that option only allows you to specific the email & the email subject.

OK, Thanks for your help!