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Help with building CMS correctly

Hello everyone!

I am currently working for a digital platform in my company 1. We are trying to use Webflow to launch a small MVP to test with real life users. In the site, users can find information regarding our products, which includes: benefits, specs, downloadble files, videos, etc…

I tried making the product pages as Collection Pages, however the CMS fields are just not enough (or maybe im not being strategic about it, which is why i’ve decided to come here), since each product has easily over 30 fields of information. When it comes to basic info, such as names, prices, pictures, etc. it’s fine. But each product has two distinct information tables that are driving me crazy. You can see one of the tables below…

My problem is that the tables remain the same for all of my product pages, and they shouldn’t, given each product has very different specifications. How can I find a better solution for this problem?

I aready tried creating static pages for each product (they’re 10 in total), but doing it this way leads me to a similar problem. We created some search filters connected to a collection list… so if i link one of the collection items to a page, unless i select a Collection page, all of the links will lead users to the same page.Each card has the same class, and i’ve tried to create combos in hopes of overcoming this but just haven’t been able to.

I’m pretty eager to hear back from anyone that can point em in the right direction. Many thanks in advance,


Here is my site Read-Only:

I’d use a second table ‘product specs’ and define a one (products) to many (product specs) between them. This way you can have as many specs per product as you like. There are fields of type ‘reference’ or ‘multi-reference’ to create this table relationship.

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Thanks for your reply. I tried the reference&multireference tools but didn’t manage to get them to work. Ill give it a try and see!

Hey, your reply helped me solve my issue, thanks!