Help with browser is preventing the use of cross-site tracking

Hello -

I have HTML embedded a class schedule using the following -

We are now getting an error on the page- “Your browser is preventing the use of cross-site tracking. To see this page you must disable the “prevent cross-site tracking” in your browser settings.”

I understand this may be specific to MAC OS/SAFARI.

My third party site that I pull the HTML from is Wodify. They had this recommendation on their help pages (picture attached)

I tried replacing the “<” with “[” and that did not work with webflow.

How can I get these two things connected Webflow + Wodify? I can’t possibly know which gym customers are using safari and ask them to change their settings on their computer to allow this calendar to work.

Is there anything that can be done?


Here is my site Read-Only:

Can anyone offer me some advice on this? Thanks so much!

@Riz, can you post your live site url?

Hello Sam -

Live site is

the html code I use is - [iframe src=“Classes Calendar” width=“1200” height=“1100” style=“max-width:100%;border:none;”][/iframe]

Thank you!

Hi @Riz
Did you ever figure this out? I am struggling with this at the moment.