Help with background image


I would appreciate assistance with fixing the background image for this page -

to look like this:


your pages don’t exist. can you please try again?

Here is the link -


Hi @Tope, could you help to share what the first page name is and what the second page name is?

Thanks in advance

Thanks Dave! First page name is Innovative Educators Template and what I want the background image to look like is the Authors Template.

Hi @Tope, I have tried accessing both pages and receive a password protected splash screen.

Still not sure where you are referring to bg image? Neither page has a bg image on it.

Please advise on your steps/problems.

Hi Brandon - please check under the cms collection pages. I would want the background image to appear right at the beginning and fill up the entire Innovative Educators Template just like the Authors Template. No clue on the password - is there something I need to adjust at my end? Thanks

Found it! :grinning:

Add the subclass “Team Member Overlay” to the class “Blog Post Header Overlay”.

Let me know if this was helpful or not.

Super thanks - it worked!!