Help with alignment on section

Hi! Hope you can help me :slight_smile:

In the third section that says MEET US I can’t seem to align the text so that it stays fixed to the right, I want it to be with a paddle or separation of 20-30 px from the fixed photo but everytime I publish it it moves and looks terrible.

Thank you so much for your time and help here is the link

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hi @AASM21 firstly you should fix horizontal scroll by setting overflow:hidden on both Rotating text wrapper elements (one on top and one on bottom of page)

aligning text to right you can set both heading 45 to align: right and after set padding-right on your Div Text Meet Us Dsktop element or on heading 45 depend what are you after.

I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time

hi @AASM21 there are another issues in this section (text wrapper and text elements) that need attention to make it work correctly.

Thanks, I’ve been struggling with the scrolling text. I followed a tutorial but it doesn’t work 100%

HI @AASM21 as your request was created for a text alignment issue please follow forum rules and if you do not find a solution in a solved request for the animation, create a new request.

If you do not have questions related to the original request feel free to close it as solved.

Thanks Stan. I marked it as solved. Sensed an attitude from the beggining, just a reminder that you were also a begginer at some point. There is no obligation on answering, but if you do, be helpful and vibe positive even though my questions are on the super begginer stage. I’m learning and that’s what this forum is all about! Appreciate your help anyway.

I have really no clue what you are talking about ???
I gave you an answer to solve your issue and a hint there are other issues to look after. Can you explain what was not helpful and written with a negative vibe?

Do you mean mentioning my note about creating a new request? Creating a request for one issue has a very simple reason. A request is not meant to be a conversation about several issues in a project but should stick to an issue described in the title. The result of this “rule” is for other users finding forums solved requests for specific topics with ease.