Help with a custom domain

Just updated my account to personal and it wont let me edit a custom domain?

Hey @jacksskinz please contact: for account assistance. :smile:

Thank you! :smile:

Hi @jacksskinz for sure the best way to know about account settings is writing to the Webflow support but your question I think I can answer, and it is no. You need to upgrade to a custom domain each project paying $5 per project.

I’ve contacted them 3 times and they are just terrible, they did not help my issue and just asked me for my website link. I’ve completely wasted my money now because I cannot get this issue resolved.

Hi @Jacksskinz,

I am sorry you are having some issues with the domain ! If you are on the personal plan, and you are not yet hosting a custom domain, you can add one to any of your sites, by going to the Hosting tab, and then click the Add Custom Domain link.

You will be prompted to pay $5 for every custom domain you host on a Webflow site, while on the paid Personal plan.

If you are unable to add a custom domain after confirming the $5 hosting charge, or that process does not complete successfully, please do send an email to

Please let me know if any further questions !

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