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Help with 2 column layout design

I’m trying to set up a 2 col layout with ads in the right sidebar. Something like​​marketing-and-user-experience-design-must-work-together/

But it seems like the container element is 960px max. How could I replicate this with a wider container so that my ad sidebar (300px) would fit?

I tried this:
Div (centered relative to the screen)

In this way I was able to lay out the ad in a nice way but it was no more responsive. With the Container element it’s always responsive.

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Hi @barnabasnagy, thanks for the post, I took a look at that site and it seems to be using flexbox with a max 381px width sidebar.

Here is a quick example 1400px wide layout with similar sidebar

If you would like some further help on the actual site, share the read-only link:

Here is also a good page for Flexbox layouts:

I hope this helps.

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