HELP! Weird scroll to section Chrome bug

Hello, I have been trying to fix this bug for days and it’s the second time I post to the forum. It’s specific to Google Chrome for desktop.

I have a section in my site on which Auto Height causes the section link scroll to flash to the bottom of the section, run upwards and jump once it reaches the top (instead of running from the top of the site until it reaches the section). If I give this section 100VH it works fine but if I set it to Auto (or an specific pixel height) it goes nuts. (1)

I tried to isolate the problem deleting all contents, removing interactions and changing different settings until I found the problem is specific to the section being set to Auto Height or some pixel height. It only happens on the published site, not inside Webflow’s preview

I’m starting to feel desperate. Any ideas?

Here is the published page

Here is my site Read-Only:

Ok, I was able to fix it by giving the parent a “Relative” position. I spent two days trying to fix this problem and I still don’t know why it happens.