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Help us test a new (third-party) website translation solution

Hi fellow Webflow users,

When we were working on some websites in Webflow, we were quickly in need of a website translation platform. As the existing solutions didn’t quite fit all our needs, we have decided to work on our solution.

If you are interested in trying it out, you can request an invite for the beta by clicking here. We will provide the beta as-is, and we are enrolling users on a case-by-case basis. We are currently particularly looking for non-business critical websites without a high amount of traffic. (as we want to gradually scale up the traffic)

What feature sets can you expect? Currently these things are implemented:

  • Machine translation for 24 languages
  • Support for formality settings (informal/formal)
  • Support for ignoring text in translations (e.g. trademarks/product names)
  • Suggest/Review functionality and related access management
  • Visual Editor to easily edit text
  • Automatic SSL certificate provisioning

We would very much love your feedback, such as:

  • What additional features would you like?
  • What would such a service be worth to you?

The Authentick Team