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Help updating CMS after checkout

I’m creating a job board using the ecommerce plan and I’m wondering the best way to capture additional information when the customer checks out.

Option 1 (what I’m currently doing)
Click “post a job” -> check out -> redirect to job post page (where customer fills form to send job to CMS)

Option 2 (not sure if this is possible/practical):
Click “post a job” -> check out (capture job posting in checkout and send to CMS)

Originally I was going to just embed a stripe button without using the ecommerce plan, but I figured the plan would resolve the issue above. Doesn’t seem to help though…

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

@erikgoins Did you get Option2 to work? Would love to get some hints if this workflow can work fine

Adding to this: Would it be possible to pass the order id from the checkout page to the form as a hidden field and capture it again on form submission?