*Help* Two videos that act the same

Hey everyone. This is my very first topic in this forum :slight_smile: Til today i could solve all the problems by myself and with the help of existing topics in this form. But now i really need your help.

I have a landingpage with a video in the header area, when the video is scrolling out of view it should apperar on the top right of the site and stay there fixed. So far everything wokred fine, i solved it with two videos and an “While page is scrolling animation” and made the normal one’s opaciry 100 % til this and that percentage and the small one after that…

Now the problem is that i have two videos now which play seperate, so if the big one is playing and scrolls out of view the small one on the top right is not.

At first i wanted to solve it with the big video itself which scales and moves when i scroll till a special percentage, but this does not work because “both” are fixed, so the big/normal version is also fixed, what i dont want it to be. That means i have to be able to only make the the animated video fixed or the normal one static.

I would be really really happy if one of you guys could help me out in this situation.

Best wishes


Hi @Deutscher

Welcome to the forum! This sounds an interesting approach with the videos.

Please add your read-only link when seeking help on the forum - this means we can take a look at your site settings visually and suggest ideas and workarounds, without actually making real changes :slightly_smiling_face: