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Help transferring project with paid template

I have a particular issue regarding transferring a project. I started the project on my own Webflow account, and purchased a theme to try a few things out for a client.

Once the client was happy with it, I duplicated the project, and transferred a copy of the duplicate to his Webflow account.

the site has been further developed on his Webflow, account, and he would now like to duplicate it, and transfer to someone else’s account. When he tries to duplicate it, he is prompted to purchase another licence for the theme, which he is happy to do.

However, when he tries to purchase it, he cannot, because he did not purchase it originally, I did.

How can we get around this? I don’t want to purchase another copy if I don’t have to. Surely he should be able to purchase a copy duplicate it?

I don’t want to advise him to purchase it, as he might purchase it, and them have to purchase a second copy for the duplicate.

I hope that makes sense. If anyone could suggest anything that would be much appreciated.

Hi @iain71,

never had that issue, but it sure is strange behavior. I’d suggest you contact support for this. They are really fast with their replies and surely have an answer.

Good luck!