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Help to style elements with subclasses on mobile

Hello. I’ve just had the following problem. I have a div with a class (let it be Class 1) and a combo one (let it be Combo 1). I need to change the style of Class 1 itself (not the combo) in the mobile. But I can’t choose this option. All possible options are Class 1 Desktop, Class 1 Combo 1 Desktop and Class 1 Combo 1 Mobile. If I choose Class 1 Desktop and go into the mobile, the combo class gets selected again. Is it a bug, is it always like this or are there other ways to choose what I need?

P.S. This is a series of weblow lesson exercises I’ve done in one project. The task was to change the width of the snake and dolphin images in the Phone Portrait. The main class is for the width etc of the image block, the combo is for the choice of image

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Hi @Elizacherny, this does not sound like a bug to me at first read of the issue, when you change from a sub-class to a global class using the class selector, the last viewport where the global class will be shown.

If you are trying to change the width of the base class on mobile, then add a new nested class (a third level) and style that third nested class on mobile to have the width you need. Add a new nested class to any element that needs a diversion from the base class.

I hope this helps.

This is buggish or off beat ux anyway. Dont you have to remove the combo class temporarily and then add the mobile class? I am quite new and have struggled with this, but there are other posts on the topic.

Maybe it seems logical if you have a non webflow background in css, but It really feels like you should be able to select the parent class and then switch to the mobile break of that parent class even if it doesnt exist.

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