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Help to remove all references to asset/deletion

Having a new issue where assets (photos) are deleted from a site - have already checked if I am applying different CSS elements to the asset through different breakpoints.

I cannot provide a preview link since deleting an image and refreshing would not update it in preview mode.

Is there a fix to this?

Hi @Webflame, thanks for the report. Could you please send the site info to the support desk, you can do that here:

Have you also checked that there are no symbols using those images or styles that have the image selected?

It would be helpful also to include some screenshots of the images that are still showing up from the asset manager thumbnail view.

Thanks in advance, I will be looking for your response in our support desk so that I may take a look.

Realize i never responded, apologies for the delay.

There are no symbols using the image in the site, screenshot is below (the hero.jpg in the bottom row keeps popping up even though it is not used and was deleted initially).

Will send a contact submission shortly.

So…I haven’t received any response through the forum or email yet, any word on a fix?

Hi @Webflame

I see that the image hero.jpg is being used as the OG image for the Home page


So, please:

  • Remove the OG image link
  • Save the page settings
  • Save the project (Cmd+shift+S)
  • Refresh the Designer
  • Delete hero.jpg

That should resolve the issue.

Ahh! That makes sense now, I completely forgot that the old image was the OG graphic - thank you for your assistance :slight_smile:

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