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Help to get dropdown menu to open on hover

Hello, I am trying to figure out why/how my sub-menu items arent displaying when hovering over their parent item? This morning they were there and perfectly fine. However, now this afternoon when I hover over a parent menu item, the submenu does not pop out anymore. What would be causing this issue? Thank you in advance for your help, I am starting to get a good grasp of using webflow and starting to really enjoy using it.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @gschultz Glad you’re getting the hang of Webflow! :smiley: I knew you would get the hang of it.

Try double check to see if your “hover” settings are on:

If that doesn’t help, can you supply us with your read-only link please?

@PixelGeek, I forgot to add my URL, here you go.

That was the first thing I checked because I remember toggling that before in the very beginning when I was making the navbar. For some odd reason sub menu isnt showing up when hovering over the parent. Maybe just a browser cache issue maybe?

Your “main menu” has an overflow set to hidden. fix it to visible


aha! that did the trick. Thank you @PixelGeek. I must have accidentally toggled that at some point earlier today.

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