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Help to disable google indexing on site

These template pages are a nuance. I need to delete old template pages that I will never be using, yet I can’t do that. As a marketer, it’s really critical that these pages are NOT indexed in Google as it could literally impact revenue. People should never find themselves in a situation where they accidentally end up on a page that’s not being used. This is not ideal! Please fix!! I don’t want to index these templates at ALL…

Hi @cjroe if you are referring to the Collection template pages, these can be removed by deleting the corresponding collection.

If you need some help with that, send a message to support from and we will be glad to help.

If the issue is regarding static pages on the site, those can also be deleted and not shown in the index.

Further, Webflow allows to disable the indexing of domains:

For other domains or pages, you can also use the built in robots.txt field to disable search engine crawling for specific pages, which is also covered in the article above.

What is not possible yet, is to do per page publishing, although this on the Wishlist:

I hope this helps!

Hi Dave, this isn’t cjroe :slight_smile:

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Hi @Saff

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Sure, will do, thank you for the info. Will have a look at that.

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