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Help to decide on a template to use

I am new to this website, and looking quickly through the templates, I was wondering if any of them can be used by users to upload documents and files, for me to see. And for me to upload documents others can see, or download. Like it would be for a student/teacher for example… With their own accounts… And me being the administrator of course. If not, can it be created?

Fredrik Lakskjønn

No, that would be an advanced feature that need to be developed, and for a site hosted externally (unless using an embed of a 3rd party service)

Again, no. But you can put files wherever you want (dropbox for example) and link them on your Webflow site.

That’s a very very open question, I mean there’s a ton of possible ways here. Webflow is for the moment not made for this, sharing documents, making user accounts etc. But you could use Google ecosystem with your students to share documents. At the moment Webflow CMS is good to create blogs and news kind of sites, not online softwares with user accounts etc.

Thank you for the answers. That was what I thought, but I hoped it would be possible. Hopefully in the future sometime.