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Help timing a color change on an anchor menu over different background colors

Hi all, My coworker and I are creating a listicle landing page for a project and we’re running into an animation timing issue we haven’t been able to solve.

As you scroll down through the 5 listicle items the background color changes for each of the 5 sections. We have a sticky anchor menu that needs to change colors to be sure it is legible on the light and dark colors. We’ve figured out how to get everything working and the timing is pretty good when scrolling down, but when you scroll back up (specifically from section 4 to section 3) the timing is off and the sticky menu turns white too soon.

We played tried everything we could think of and still can’t figure it out how to make the timing work when scrolling back up the page. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve included my read-only link below:

Webflow - Citrix-Listicle