HELP! | Theres an excess space on when i scroll I cant get rid of

Hi there, having an issue that whenever I scroll theres a bit of empty space on the right hand side all the time on the site.

I’ve tried playing with the widths and different positioning types but all to no success, if anyone can help me fix this so that it is all contained and only lets me scroll directly up and down that would be a great help! Kinda a webflow newbie hehe!



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“.container” element has a width of 100% + 18px of left margin.
“.random-project-grid” element has width of 100% + 14px of left margin
“.project-content-holder” element has a 13px left margin and -35px right margin
“nav-bar” element has relative position shift of 20px left, right, and top

Remove these margin properties and find a different way to achieve the spacing you’re after. Ideally use padding on their parent elements.