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Help: Text and Backgrounds Randomly Changing Color in Webflow Designer

Hey guys. I apologize up front if my noobishness leaves my problem description lacking, but I was hoping someone could help point me in the right direction in order to feel a bit less lost as to how to solve this.

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Problem Characteristics:

1. After closing out of a webflow design session for the night then returning the next day, text on random pages changes its color to white (from black.) Of our problems, this one has been the most frequent. (All pictures attached show this problem)

2. On occasion, text size of various areas randomly change in size. (No picture available.)

3. Less frequently, when we log back in we see there is a random color change to the backgrounds behind different elements on the design page. This has both happened in combination with the above problem, and on its own. (no picture available.)

Problem Timeline:

1. For about a week we were able to complete design work on a number of pages with no errors occurring (always seemed to save appropriately.)

2. Last work successfully completed and saved was on our “landing page,” (Picture of page with horse image and yellow columns in background)

3. Next login session, work began on our “case study page.” Upon logging out of this session no errors were yet noticed.

4. The next login the following day, the text on our home page had changed itself from black to white, and an area on the “case study page” had randomly changed background colors.

5. Over the course of the following week, we have had the various problems listed above happen every time we log out/log in of the webflow designer.

Does anyone have any insight into what factors could contribute to these sorts of problems/ anything we should check settings-wise to ensure this is not some relatively simple fix?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Sorry for any horrendous noobish omissions this problem description may have. Thanks much for your time.

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Question: Is more than one person logging into the designer with the same username?

Yes, we were. I’ve instructed everyone to create accounts and get collaborator access.

It also seemed as if the designer had no familiarity with your “class” system and I’ve also informed him of that’s potential to be effecting the coloring of things.

I’ll keep you posted as to whether or not these two things solve the issue.

Kristopher Kenefsky
Growth hacker and Project Manager