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HELP - tablet landscape view doesn't work like the desktop


I have a problem with my tablet landscape view for a project that i cloned.
The background images do not respect the cover setting that are applied. Somebody can help ? Here is my website : Thanks a lot

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Please share your site Read-Only link for help!

Here is the read-only. And thanks a lot for your help.

Some images have the wrong ‘Tile’ settings. Set them to ‘don’t tile’. Maybe this helps?

Well spotted but this does not fix the issue. :sweat:
The tablet landscape view seems not react the same like the desktop… i don’t understand why :sob:
Thanks a lot for your time and feedback. I really appreciate :slight_smile:

Hmm, can you try to explain the problem more in detail? I can’t see any failure. Maybe with a screenshot?

Here the screenshot on landscape tablet view. please compare with the desktop view, you’ll see that the pictures do not repeat, but have a cover effet with smooth transition that is nice.

Hi Mihaela, thx for your details. I see it now, but I’m still in some personal things to solve, so I try asap to go into this and find a solution, if possible.

Very kind of you. Thanks a lot

@Mihaela_Andrei I tried around a bit now. At the moment I don’t have a final solution, why this problem occurs, but from my point of view I would say the box model you’re using is somehow different and unnecessary more complex as I would build this. As I understand right, you cloned this project from somewhere else, means you didn’t prepare this structure by yourself?

In the first place I would place the background image in one of the top elements e. g. “lets start” and not in one of the “switchable” elements. For sure I also would use a regular div tag for this, not one of the preset elements like “section” or “container”. For a better overview of the whole structure I would rename some of your elements with more individual names. So you can be more sure about what you did and find failures more quickly.

I’m having almost no free time slots before Christmas, but I could have a look again after the holidays again, if still needed, and you or nobody else couldn’t figure it out.

Best wishes anyway so far and merry christmas.