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HELP: Symbols on Webflow

Hi I’ve been having issues with the symbol on Webflow. So I wanted to add a text link to my side nav and I did so on my homepage thinking it would be replicated on all other instances of my symbol but somehow it was not.

Here is my symbol working as it should:

And here it is on another page where the formatting was lost:

Please help :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Chai Karim Portfolio
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Hey @Chai_Karim

I noticed that your links in your menu don’t have the same class. The best practice is that all of your links share the same class so you only have to style it once :slight_smile:

Here is a doc that should help you :

In this case more specifically, the problem occurs because you styled the first link in its ‘Current’ state and not in its normal state. You can access the different selector by clicking the ‘Inheriting 4 selectors’

Hope it was helpful, have a nice day !