Help styling and using Rich Text Block

Hi everybody,

I am quite new to web flow but so far I am really happy. One thing I do not understand is how to use Rich Text Blocks:

  1. How do I disable sections (nested elements) that I do not need
  2. How do I add nested elements that I do need

Somehow I can’t find any Videos or topics in the forum that helps me understand this better.




These three articles might help you out.

Hello @Ernesto, glad to hear you enjoy Webflow :blush:

Here is one of the announcements where Webflow team shows how to add different type of content into the Rich text element: New feature: Rich Media embeds in the Rich Text Editor


  • for removing some part of Rich text element you make double click with the mouse and simply use “Delete” or “Backspace” on your keyboard (like you would delete some text);
  • for adding something to Rich text, you make double click with the mouse, put cursor in the place where you want to add new element and press “Enter” on your keyboard

Hi Alex, thx but I looked at these three videos and I have to say the first one leaves out critical issues like how do I add a new element like a third header or how do I delete an element.

Maybe it’s so easy that I am just not seeing it but I just simply don’t know.

Hi Sabanna,

thx for the link that was new, however it does not answer my immediate problem:confounded:

As for the double click when I do that the entire rich text block is gone. Adding or changing text is not my problem either but adding a new header with a new paragraph beneath that is what I don’t get.

Thx again

Thx all

Just got it.

To add a new Heading I type and select the entire line in order to be able to determine if it is H1 … H6. Great this is so intuitive that we were completely missing the point!

Conversely to delete an element I just simply delete the content. Again this is so intuitive that I would never have gotten that.

Thanks again!

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