HELP! Some CMS items are not displaying

Hi guys, I need some help; I have a page with two CMS lists nested. One is for clinic locations, and the other is for the healthcare providers in each clinic.

Most of them display as usual, but a couple of days ago, some of the providers stopped showing up in the clinics, and one is even not showing in the multi-reference field of the clinic’s CMS.

I’m using Finsweet CMS filtering, but I’m not sure if this is affecting it or not.

What could the issue be?

Thank you for your help.

Thank you so much Michael, I didn’t realize it was the webflow limitation, I made a test page with Finsweet nested solutions, and they are showing.

for the other issues the search works but not completely as I intended when you type for example a doctor name it will show its clinic and everyone in that location which is good but now, I need to filter between male and female providers and in that case the fact that the search shows the entire location is a limitation for that.

Filtering hierarchical content will always be weird but it can be done.
I’d make the gender specific filter a radio button ( male providers, female providers, any provider ), and apply it to the provider records.

FS Filter is great, but has a slight learning curve. If you need some programming works done, you can message me here and I can share my rates.

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