Help! Site having slight horizontal movement and scroll bar 😰

Hi everyone

I’m pulling my hair out as I’ve suddenly had a horizontal scroll bar appear at the bottom of my site and some slight horizontal movement in the main middle portion of my site (the top and bottom section are fixed and do not move). The site is:

Can any please advise? I’d prefer not to have a solution that just stops showing the scroll bar and doesn’t fix the underlying issue of why the site is moving horizontally.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I do not mind sharing the project if it helps.

Thank you


Hey @steessex , upon inspecting your code, it looks like one of the sections on your website is slightly overflowing it’s parent container.

An easy fix for this would be to have a div with class, say page-wrapper, that holds all of your sections within it and set it’s overflow to hidden.

Thanks, yes, that’s what I’d surmised but after thorough checks couldn’t see anything that was spilling over, however I’ve now solved it, and for the benefit for anyone else that may experience this problem all I did was change the ‘width’ of each ‘Section’ from 100vw to Auto, and instead made the ‘Max W’ 100vw instead and it solved it… even though I’m not quite sure why…

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