Help! Section ID's aren't lining up properly from the Nav

Hey everyone - This site is driving me mad and I’d really appreciate some help to get a feature working properly.

When you select a link from the nav it doesn’t scroll to the correct section and instead scrolls past it into another section - I remember this happening on another site but can’t remember how I fixed it in the end…I blame Covid19 and parenthood zapping my brain!

Below is the link, many thanks.

Apologies - here is the temp url:

Anyone fancy having a crack at this? i’d be eternally grateful as I can’t figure it out

C’mon hive mind…surely someone out there can figure this issue out and would like to help someone out - i’d pay in hugs if it weren’t for Covid19.

Short of that if anyone needs compensating for their advice then let’s talk.

Please please PLEASE help - everything i’ve tried to fix it (including trawling the board for similar instances) has ended up causing more damage.