Help removing this subscroll

Hi there!

I was using a template from someone where to make this. There is a subscroll on the element and I’m wondering if someone can help me figure out how to get rid of it so that the main element fills out the whole page.

I’m not sure if I’m explaining this correctly but here is a screenshot.

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Switching the Container 12 Cloneable combo-class from overflow: auto to overflow: visible seems to fix the issue:

That said, there’s a nest of elements and styles in that group that may cause issues, so my recommendation is to clean things up a bit to make sure it’s easier to manage if you need to make changes across the other breakpoints :+1:

Thank you @mikeyevin! I removed some of the containers and implemented your feedback, but now I can’t see the whole element.

Any thoughts on how to correct?

There are still a number of overflow: hidden or overflow: scroll sections that are causing the issue so I’d go through and make sure everything (excluding maybe the tab mask) has a default overflow setting. Was the original design meant to have internal scrolling somewhere by chance?

Unforunately I don’t have time this morning or else I’d try and make sense of things for you, but “resetting” all of the overflow styles should get you pretty far to fixing the clipping issue.

If you happen to get to a point where things just aren’t working as you’d expect, don’t forget that you can use the backup feature to get back to a better place.

Hey @The_Attributes, to see the whole element, try adding a non-percentage based height/min-height to some of the containers.