Help recreating slidehow gallery

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to recreate a slideshow gallery that I saw on another website, but I haven’t being able to recreate its animations:

This is how I’m trying to mimic it, but the animations aren’t working when I hover the mouse over the “div_container” to display the gallery title and show the arrows.
Anyone could give me a hand?
(And there’s also the part of reseting the gallery to the 1st image when you hover out of the gallery that I haven’t yet tried to mimic, so I would appreciate some help with it too).


I think I managed to recreate the animation by applying the hover effects directly on the slider, though I still didn’t figure out how to restart the slideshow to the 1st picture on the hover out, and I can’t see any option either on the animation panel or the slideshow panel that allows to do that.

Anyone has any idea?