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Help - quantity selection has disappeared

Hello everyone - we have a problem here on this site:, as the selector for choice of quantity has disappeared. Clients are only able to adjust quantity in the shopping cart, but also there it’s not really visible that it’s possible. We’ve searched the Forum and tried our best in the backend, but unfortunately our designer who set this all up is sick for another 3 weeks and we can’t reach him…Would highly appreciate help! Thank you!

Welcome to the community @onna!

It’s going to be difficult to diagnose the issue without taking a look at the project in the Designer, are you able to grab the read-only link by chance?

Good Morning! Thank you so much for your reply and the info on how to create the read only link. Here we go:

Hope this works and thanking you in advance for your help!

So it looks like the field was just marked as hidden in the designer which is removing the field from the front end. All you need to do is select the Add to Cart element and choose “Show” for the Quantity option under the right panel element settings:


I’m not exactly sure how the field was styled originally, however it does have a custom class applied so I imagine it looks as intended:

Once you get that changed, just republish the project and you should see it on the live site :+1:

Mike - you’re a star! Thank you SO much - so simple, yet so effective, this little “hide” button…
All is clear and done. Highly appreciate it!

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