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[HELP] published site on custom domain redirects to staging area

I’m on the CMS plan and I finished my site today.

After setting DNS settings and successfully publishing the site to the custom domain I found out there was a 404 error. I then published to both the Webflow.IO staging area and the custom domain. The site is live now but redirects to the staging area.

I can’t find any similar issues or workarounds on the forum.

My site is:
It gets redirected to:

Please tell this can be fixed.


do you have any old redirects set up in your settings?

Any Javascript redirects somewhere in your custom code? Does your Webflow settings show that everything is okay with the custom domain connection?

Post your read-only link and someone will probably take a look :slight_smile:

That was it! I found the solution. It was a js redirect in the agegate that was set to my staging area still. Thanks for the help!