[HELP PLEASE!] - Not able to directly publish a blog post

Hello everybody, a dummy question:
I have a new blog, I am creating some content for it but, I wonder why If I create a blog post or I make a change, I never have the possibility to publish it directly, instead of hitting every time the publish on XXX domain every time.

Can someone help, please?

Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 11.05.58

Also: I cannot unpublish or schedule a blog post, which is frustrating.

Hi @Carlo_Ciccarelli usually if you hover on the buttons there’ll be a tooltip telling you why it doesn’t work. I only know Schedule wont work on previously published items.

Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 20.53.56

The issue is that, I cannot do anything even with a new blog post, I can only save as draft OR only Save it. To publish the post I have to RE-PUBLISH the entire site each time

I had the same issue when you have 2 site domains. One is the main domain you publish to and the other is the staging domain.

If they are not matched up in time and date of publishing, ie one was published 11 days ago and one was published today. Those options for Publishing and Schedule will be greyed out.

See tooltip below:


Just publish both domains at the same time and you will see those options pop-up back again.