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HELP PLEASE, need access to pages but can not edit!

So I am almost done completing this website BUT I can not access the “Get in touch” or the page that pops up when “Menu” is selected. I need to fill in these final pages but can not access.

Please let me know if this can be fixed as I have to publish this website tomorrow, thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

It wont even let you see in the read only link. The menu or get in touch buttons are not responding either.

These are the 2 pages I can not edit, and the ones the shared link wont even show.

Hey @Andres_Mancera,

Are you currently using a Webflow template for this site?

If this is a template, what I can gather from all this is that the Menu and the Contact Us pages are dynamic and are controlled by interactions via Webflow. Which means, when you hit the menu button, the menu comes in from the right hand side into view. Similarly, when you hit the Get in Touch button, it changes the opacity of the Contact Us div wrapper as an animation.

So in order to access these, see your project tree breakdown in the screenshot below:

As you see, where I circled in red, that is your menu navbar wrapper, you can play with margin of the highlighted element to -900px, so you can see it in view and edit it easily. Just make sure you reset the margin after you are done editing it.

Hey @Andres_Mancera,

My apologies, it looks like you might have to alter the margin to fix the contact wrapper as well.

Select your Contact Section and set margin-left to -1250px to bring it into view and you can edit the section. Again, just make sure to reset the margin once you are done!

Also, you might know this already but your Instagram Logo is not looking right, you might have to find a better png to substitute that.

Hope this helps!

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yes I bought this template

Found a solution for you bud, I just edited my previous comment to include the answer.

I am currently away from my desktop but I will check later on today, thank you so much!

Okay so for the menu button I was able to edit and fix. As for the contact wrapper, I was able to find it with your instructions BUT when I try to edit it goes back to the home page and does not let me edit to fix the default form. Thank you for your instructions but any way to fix that?

THANK YOU, got the site finished and the png fixed.

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