HELP! Paypal gateway - disable-funding parameter doesn't work

I have connected my e-commerce shop and connected it to paypal gateway through webflow.
By default it displays 3 payment options: paypal, sepa and credit card (company is located in DE):
Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 14.55.11
I want to disable sepa and paypal pay later options.
I found about disable-funding parameter at Paypal website:
So the code that could do the trick would be:
<script src=",paylater"></script>
The client ID is taken from Paypal API Credentials, from Webflow App, that was created automatically by Webflow:

I have inserted the script mentioned above in Webflow custom code, right before closing the body tag but as soon as I publish, then the paypal buttons disappear entirely.

Can someone please help me out here? Why is this happening? Am I doing something wrong?
P.S. Can it be connected somehow, that since the paypal integration goes through webflow and then it is blocking something?
Thank you in advance!