(HELP!) Password Page Not Showing Correctly

Hi guys,

I need to protect this site to implement a few and important changes.

I first did the customization of the utility page > password (who has a script line. i’ve never seen it in other templates i’ve worked on):

That I wanted to show as below:

But when I go to dashboard > general > website password > enable password protection > password protection is on > publish the site > is showing this page:

So, it’s not showing the correct password page. I already worked with other templates and never had this issue. What am I doing wrong? or what is going on? it’s only a password protection page but it’s really important.
This happens even if I enable the password protection on each page on the designer :frowning:

Can you please help me out?

password: T1S7GHUOT#

My read-only link

Thanks in advance.