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Help: Parts of my page have faded

For some reason, a section of my page and everything within it has faded. Looks like the opacity has been reduced by half, but I’m not sure how I’ve done this or why it’s happened. Any ideas?



Hi @graeme_1988, could you share your public site link, you can enable that using the following instructions:

Cheers !

Yeah sure, here it is:

I’ve just checked that link and it doesn’t have the fade :S God knows what is going on haha. I’ve gone back into it and now it’s fixed - oh well!

Ok @graeme_1988, well, good to hear it is working ! I am not really sure, I would have to see the problem before I know how to respond :slight_smile: Let us know if you have any other issues… Cheers!

No problems, thanks for your help anyway! It could well be because I’m using Safari… If that is the problem then it’s the first browser bug I’ve came across - I’ll perhaps switch to Chrome in future

Hi @graeme_1988, yes Chrome is the preferred browser to use :smile: Cheers !