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Help on home page hero "image" design

I currently use particles-js as my main hero “image” on my home page ( but I’m looking to upgrade to something more illustrational of what we actually do. I have found something to reference on the Postmates site ( - I know it’s a video but I’d like to do a similar thing all in webflow, which interacts via page load and scrolling; upon page load 3 customer’s location points and 3 retailer’s location points will pop up representing an incoming order and when a user scrolls down I would like to illustrate our blue box logo moving towards the customers location from the retailers location (illustrates live tracking).

Would be awesome if someone could help me out with this…



Hope someone can help out a little!


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Hello @cjordan147

This is definitely something you can do in Webflow, what part are you struggling with? Maybe if you have something built we would be able to point you in the right direction.

Hi @aaronocampo, apologies for the delay!

The trouble is, I haven’t got a clue where to start!!!

Is there any content you’d recommend me look into that could help me make a start?

Sorry for the delay @cjordan147.

I know this can be challenging but you know that trial error always help. I’m sorry not to have something definite but what you’re trying to achieve here is quite complex and you more than anyone else know what you want to show.

If you can come up with some sort of mockup I think we would be able to advice more properly. I hope this makes sense.

This guy @Waldo is what you need to look for. His skills “drawing” within webflow are amazing and that’s probably what you need. Check this video below, I think it will help you to see how he does stuff: