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Help on a backgroun changing upon button click

Hello all,

So I followed along with the Workshop Nelson did yesterday (very cool!) I decided to do my own little rendition of it to play around. As you’ll see changed everything to Sharks, just a mini info site on Great Whites is the plan.

When you click the mini buttons [ 01-04 ] it does the effect by switching the background image and keeping the button animation BUT it only does each one once. If you click, 01, 02, 03, then 04 it works prefect. If you re-click “01” again (or any of the others) it does not work again, its stays on BG 4.

Is there a way to reset them to work again, even if they are clicked out of order?

No, interactions doesn’t support z-index property, so you cannot specify which one goes on top of which.

You can do this with custom code instead.

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Oh okay, it seemed like I tried almost everything trying to hack it haha! Thank-you sir!

I actually figured it out and updated the showcase. You can check out what I did. I didnt really use the z-index just his 3 backgrounds and fade 1 in with each click

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